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Heavy Metal Testing

Frequent exposure to toxic heavy metals has a lethal impact on your organ functions. Get our heavy metal blood tests to protect yourself from poisoning.

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Lead Level, Blood Adult Blood Test

Test is used to evaluate the concentration of lead in the blood. Exposure to lead may cause damage to…

Heavy Metals Profile Blood Test

Testing for heavy metals. Heavy metals like lead, mercury and arsenic can cause infertility, anemia, psychological changes, irreversible brain,…

Zinc Blood Test

The Purpose of a Zinc Test Many people take zinc at the first sign of a cold, but it does much…

Mercury Blood Test

This test is used to monitor exposure to mercury. Acute and chronic mercury poisoning affects the kidneys, central nervous…

Zinc Protoporphyrin (ZPP) Blood Test

Also Known As ZPP, free erythrocyte protoporphyrin (FEP) blood test, ZP test, ZPP/heme ratio   Purpose of the Zinc Protoporphyrin…

Copper Blood Test

Also Known As Total Copper Serum Test The Purpose of a Copper Serum Test Your body requires copper for healthy brain development,…

Isocyanates Profile Blood Test

The Purpose of an Isocyanate Blood Test Isocyanates are used to manufacture a variety of materials, including plastics, polyurethane, foams, and…

Aluminum Blood Test

Also Known As Aluminum Serum Test The Purpose of an Aluminum Test Aluminum exposure is not uncommon. You can come into…

Chromium and Cobalt, Whole Blood Test

The Purpose of a Chromium Cobalt Blood Test When many people think of metal poisoning, they probably picture lead in drinking water…

Mercury Urine Test

The Purpose of a Urine Mercury Test Mercury is a toxic heavy metal that can accumulate in the body through…

Occupational exposure to heavy metals increases your risk of developing chronic health conditions like cancer, gastrointestinal problems, skin lesions, and neurological disorders. Heavy metals like lead, cadmium, arsenic, mercury, and chromium remain rampant in industrial manufacturing, mostly involving metal work.

With the severity of these impacts, heavy metal testing became imperative, especially among those who directly handle these elements and compounds. Of course, the need for a test depends on your level of exposure. Nevertheless, the earlier heavy metals in blood tests are detected, the more likely you can prevent fatal toxicity or poisoning.

The Role of Testing for Heavy Metals

Heavy metal testing determines if you have high levels of specific toxic metal in your body. It could be driven by diagnostic purposes common among those with accidental exposure or as part of occupational risk assessment.

If you have ingested food or water contaminated with lead, mercury, etc., especially in large amounts, a blood test for heavy metals would expose the toxicity levels.

On the other hand, it is vital to understand that heavy metals can also build up over time in your body, which is why getting tested regularly becomes crucial. Order our heavy metals blood tests and take them at one of our over 4,000 partner patient service centers in the country.

Types of Tests for Heavy Metals

When choosing a heavy metal testing procedure, you have to consult your doctor on which type of heavy metal should be included in the screening. You can also opt for a heavy metal profile blood test if you’re taking it as a precautionary measure.

Here are the types of tests for heavy metals you can check.

Who Should Get Tested for Heavy Metals in the Body?

People who have high and frequent exposure to heavy metals, usually as part of their job, should get tested. Likewise, those who have accidentally ingested and have direct contact with toxic metals should also secure immediate testing.

When To Have Heavy Metal Blood Test?

Take a blood test for heavy metals within 24 hours of accidental contact, especially if symptoms include nausea, abdominal pain, vomiting, shortness of breath, weakness, and diarrhea.

For those who have occupational exposure to these elements, you can include heavy metal testing as part of your annual wellness checkup.

Get Tested for Heavy Metals Near You

Screening for toxic heavy metals needs to be swift and accurate. Get our heavy metal blood tests online to set an appointment with our partner labs near you.

Learn More About Heavy Metal Testing

man with mask on to prevent toxic substances

Poisoning (Toxic Substances): Risks, Types, and Prevention

Heavy metal blood tests are valuable tools for detecting poisoning when people have been exposed to these toxic substances over a prolonged period of time. Find out more about cobalt, mercury, lead, copper, chromium, and other potential toxins, how to prevent poisoning, and the importance of heavy metal blood testing.


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