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Our board-certified network of doctors can provide you with medical advice and provide the appropriate treatment through a simple phone call – no insurance required

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Concerned about your results? Connect with a board certified physician with a simple phone call!

How It Works

Step 1:

Order your general doctor consult through your secure Personalabs patient portal.

Step 2:

You will receive an email with a phone number after you have ordered your doctor to consult. You will call that phone number to schedule a time for you to speak with the doctor about your Personalabs results.

Step 3:

The doctor will call you from an unknown number and you need to answer the call. It is crucial that you answer the call promptly. Missing the call can result in a missed consult time. 

Step 4:

Speak with the doctor during your time slot for 15 minutes. During the consultation, the doctor will address your concerns and interpret your lab results.

We hope this process helps guide you through the process of scheduling your doctor consultation at Personalabs. If you have any other questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact us directly at 1-888-GET-LABS or email us at 

Wishing you a successful doctor consultation and great health!

* Please note the purpose of the consultation is to interpret and explain results. Our virtual doctor is unable to prescribe medication at this time.

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We now offer pharmacy discounts through our PersonalabsRx platform.

We now offer pharmacy discounts through our PersonalabsRx platform.

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